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Introducing Speed Lab Directors: Dedicated Connections within the Community

Speed Lab Directors

The vision for Speed Labs is to build a community of elite performance businesses that help athletes play faster. 

This vision was highlighted when we recently celebrated our 100th Speed Lab

And as our community of Speed Labs continues to grow, our dedication to fulfilling this vision has amplified. 

In order to ensure every coach in the community has the tools, knowledge, and support they need to be successful, we’ve introduced Speed Lab Directors - proven leaders within the community who have the experience and expertise to support the rest of the Speed Lab network. 

The requirements of the Directors are simple: They should be frequent users of the USR Software, believe in the same vision and goal of the Universal Speed Rating, and have the passion, motivation, and experience to help other coaches get the support they need to improve their coaching and business. 

The Directors will impact the Universal Speed Rating and Speed Lab Community in three unique ways: 

Community Leader 

Each Director is responsible for a geographical region corresponding to their location. Within their region, they will offer support to fellow community members with tools, resources, knowledge, and awareness to continue getting value out of the Speed Lab partnership.

No Director will have every single answer, the intent is to give each coach within the community a personal, dedicated connection to help them find the support they need to solve whatever challenges they’re set to encounter. 

Whether a coach needs support using the USR software, has a question on speed training, or wants advice on running their business, the goal is that they’ll have a trusted partner in their Speed Lab Director to help them find the answers they’re looking for, whether it’s from their own experience or by connecting them with other community members that are facing similar challenges. 

Product Development 

Ensuring that the USR Software remains at an extremely high quality is another area the Directors will support in. 

With consistent usage of the platform, each Director will help improve and maintain the USR Platform via feedback, feature requests, and quality testing.


Finally, each Speed Lab Director knows the importance of effective speed training. They’ve seen it transform their athletes and their business. 

Each Director is equipped to spread this message with coaches in the Speed Lab Community, and outside so that we can help more athletes train smarter, and play faster. 

We’re super excited to introduce the Speed Lab Directors to the rest of the community, as we believe they’ll make a huge difference in ensuring every coach has access to the dedicated level of support they need to grow their coaching and business. 

If you’d like to meet the Directors, you can see them all here.

If you’re interested in joining the Speed Lab Community, we’d love to meet you! Schedule a 15-minute intro call, and we’ll discuss next steps.