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Celebrating 100 Speed Labs: Building a Community of Elite Performance Businesses that Help Athletes Play Faster

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The Universal Speed Rating exists to accelerate athletic dreams by training smarter and playing faster.

The best way to help athletes? Coaches. 

When Les Spellman, Co-Founder of the Universal Speed Rating thought of the idea of creating Speed Labs, he wanted a group of coaches that had the sole goal of transforming the lives of athletes, primarily through speed training. 

“I’ve seen speed transform lives. I know the power of it, and over the past 10 years, I’ve learned how to coach it. When we created Speed Labs it was all about spreading the word. Empowering coaches with the knowledge and technology to help athletes reach their potential by providing the best speed training possible. That’s what started it and that’s what continues to drive us every day.” - Les Spellman

The vision for Speed Labs is to build a community of elite performance businesses that help athletes play faster. 

And now, we’re thrilled to celebrate our 100th Speed Lab has joined the community. 

By providing the network with actionable analytics, trusted education, and a thriving community, each Speed Lab has the opportunity to transform their athletes, their coaching, and their businesses. 

Learn more by watching the video below or continue reading! 

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Building a Community that Drives Results

Through the current network, there are tens of thousands of athletes who are being impacted by coaches in the Speed Lab Community.


Once a coach joins the community, they get access to 3 valuable assets: Analytics, Education, and Community. 

Actionable Analytics

The Universal Speed Rating provides a platform where athletes can be ranked and scored globally, allowing them to see how they measure up and where they can improve.

“Any time you track something you get better at it. We want to track our speed to see progress.” - Les Spellman, Co-Founder, Universal Speed Rating 

Each athlete’s speed profile is used to measure performance and as a tool for coaches to validate their training with their athletes, parents, or team sports clients. 

Speed Labs also have access to individualized Speed Lab Assessments, that provide a more detailed profile for athletes to identify weaknesses, and opportunities to improve their speed development. 

Trusted Education

Every Speed Lab gets equipped with the educational resources to level up their entire staff’s knowledge on speed training, coaching, and running a business. 

Backed by coaches like Les Spellman, Tony Holler, and coaches in our own community, continuing to learn how to improve as a coach and business is a key pillar to help Speed Lab coaches grow. 

Thriving Community

This group of 100+ coaches is the fuel that makes Speed Labs run. 

Overcoming challenges together, providing support and resources, and connecting on how to solve key issues is a big reason why the Community has been able to grow to this point. 

With various backgrounds located all across North America, every coach in the Speed Lab Community brings a unique set of perspectives and experiences with one common bond: the desire to help athletes play faster. 

As we celebrate the 100th Speed Lab in this community, we are more committed than ever to helping millions of kids accelerate their athletic dreams by training smarter and playing faster.

Our goal is to continue expanding our network, building more communities, and providing coaches with the tools they need to succeed. Speed Labs are central to this mission, and we are excited about what the future of the Speed Lab Community looks like.

We invite you to join us in this celebration and become part of our growing community. Together, we can help athletes worldwide achieve their full potential and redefine what it means to play faster. 

If you’d like to join the Speed Lab Community, fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch. 

Or, schedule an intro call with a member of our team to learn more.

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