04/02/2024 Case Studies
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Improved Speed System and Data Tracking Lead to Better Results for Nick Orioli

“Before, I didn't have any results or tangibles an athlete could take home from their speed training. With this system we are not only able to track and get results from speed training, but can also watch progression, and make adjustments accordingly." - Nick Orioli, Owner, Nick Orioli Traiing



Nick Orioli started his training business in 2018, working with a few athletes and local teams. As his business grew year over year, Nick knew he needed a better system to track, analyze, and use data from his athlete's speed training more effectively. Since becoming a Speed Lab, Nick Orioli Training has had the opportunity to:  

  • Conduct over 100 Speed Lab Assessments 
  • Improve his athlete's peak MPH by an average of 7%
  • Work with 5 organizations as their go-to speed training partner 

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