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SOFTWARE UPDATE: Introducing Universal Speed Rating 2.0

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Universal Speed Rating began with a vision of helping athletes get faster. This goal is pursued by creating and supporting elite performance businesses and equipping their coaches with the necessary tools to deliver effective speed training.

As this coaching community has grown, (shout out to welcoming the 100th Speed Lab to the community) we’ve been able to collect and receive feedback from you, our users, uncovering insights such as key problems coaches are facing, prominent use cases for the USR Software, and requests for new features that would make the experience inside the software as seamless as possible. 

We’re proud to introduce Universal Speed Rating 2.0, an enhanced experience built to equip you with an improved platform to analyze, measure, and put action behind your data.  

Our ultimate goal, helping athletes train smarter, and play faster just got one step closer to being fulfilled. What is the Universal Speed Rating and what is new in Universal Speed Rating 2.0? 

Keep reading to find out, or schedule an intro call to learn how to apply in your performance training business. 

What is the Universal Speed Rating? 

The Universal Speed Rating is a software platform for coaches that provides actionable analytics based on athletes’ speed data. Built for coaches within the Speed Lab Community, it’s meant to help inform programming, acquire new athletes, and keep them training with you for longer. 

This is done in two ways: Descriptive Analytics and Diagnostic Analytics. 

The Descriptive Analytics are delivered through digital speed profiles (based on athlete’s MPH results) that are accessible to coaches, athletes, and parents. 

This helps validate your training with a historical speed journey, as well as providing comparative analytics and rankings based on age, sport, gender, and location. 

The Diagnostic Analytics comes in the form of Speed Lab Profiles, which analyze an athlete’s speed, provide a physical profile of their acceleration phase, and give more in-depth analytics of an athlete’s sprinting capability. 

Universal Speed Rating 2.0 will help enhance the use of the platform making it easier for every USR Speed Lab to measure, analyze, and test athletes. Now let’s find out what’s inside…

What’s New in 2.0? 

One of the most impactful updates in version 2.0 is a revamped infrastructure that adds:  USR 2.01

  • Exponential improvements in operating speeds
  • Advanced usability, making the platform simple to navigate
  • Seamless data input, allowing you to add athletes, import data, and sync athletes from camps and events to your speed community in a fraction of the time

Version 2.0 also includes the following updates and features: 

Track Your Athlete’s Speed Journey 

One of the most popular features of the Universal Speed Rating platform is the Athlete’s Speed Journey. 

This allows coaches to validate training with athletes, parents, and coaches of team sports to retain athletes, instill confidence in your training, and give you data to back your business. 

Version 2.0 has added a much improved design to the current speed journey making it easier than ever before to see where athletes started, how far they’ve gone, and how they compare to other athletes with new extensive filtering. 

Performance Badges 

Competitive analytics and benchmarks are another key feature inside the platform used by coaches to motivate athletes and drive competition within your Speed Lab. 

Version 2.0 has made viewing and comparing competitive data much easier, and has introduced a new feature called Performance Badges. 

USR iphone MockupsThis allows athletes to compete to unlock different badges based on their mile per hour milestones that they’ve hit with guidelines and percentile rankings based on their gender, age, and sport. 

Speed Camp + Event Registration 

Coaches now have total control to create and manage registrations for events and speed camps that will sync directly with your speed community. 

Want to collect payment, track registrations, and invite athletes to your speed community all in one spot? This is now all possible to create in a matter of minutes inside version 2.0. 

Just create the event, fill in the details, and start inviting athletes through your USR account. 


This community exists because of coaches like you, which is why we’re super excited to bring Universal Speed Rating 2.0 to coaches everywhere who value helping athletes train smarter and play faster. 

If you aren’t currently a part of the Speed Lab Community but would like to learn more, schedule a call with us so we can learn more about your business and walk you through the steps to get you started.

 Or, fill out this form so a member of our team can reach out.