12/29/2023 Partnerships
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Universal Speed Rating Announces Partnership with Onyx Elite


The Universal Speed Rating is on a mission to make smart & effective speed training a core part of development for athletes everywhere, which is why they’re excited to announce a partnership with Onyx Elite, a private performance facility located in Richmond, VA backed by former USA soccer star Oguchi Onyewu and nationally known performance trainer, Chris Gorres.

With two locations in Virginia, and countless athletes that have gone through Onyx Training, including several professional athletes — Onyx Elite is poised as a leader in the performance industry on the east coast.

Onyx Elite became a Certified USR Speed Lab earlier in May, but a longer term partnership was imminent based on Onyx’s impact in the Northeast and the Universal Speed Ratings’ goal of helping athletes everywhere get access to verified speed data.

With the Onyx staff now USR Level 1 Certified, they’ve started using the Universal Speed Rating while training their athletes and will be able to help the Universal Speed Rating conduct verified assessments at national events.

In the future, look for Onyx to continue spreading the mission of the Universal Speed Rating — to give every athlete in the country (and world) the opportunity to train smarter & run faster using proven training methods, effective technology, and the right coaching.

“We are ecstatic to be partnering with the Universal Speed Rating”

said Chris Gorres, COO & Lead Trainer at Onyx

“We believe that with our reach and audience on the east coast, we’ll be able to help continue spreading effective speed training to athletes at Universal Speed Rating events, clinics & more. We’re excited to help in educating more coaches to do the same and think that our partnership will lead to thousands of coaches & athletes accessing the data and information they need to improve speed and performance.”

Be on the lookout for more information regarding the Universal Speed Rating’s partnership with Onyx Elite in the future.

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